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Luxara ComfyWalk™ - Dog Harness and Leash

Luxara ComfyWalk™ - Dog Harness and Leash

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Experience the Luxara Difference Today!

🐕💖 Experience Stress-Free Walks with the Luxara ComfyWalk™ Harness and Leash!

✔️ Retractable Leash

✔️ Auto Lock Mechanism

✔️ Durable Handle

✔️ Easy-Release Buckle

✔️ Adjustable Straps

✔️ Breathable Fabric

Please measure your pet and refer to our sizing chart for the perfect fit before ordering.

Innovative Design: The Luxara ComfyWalk™ combines a dog harness and retractable leash into one convenient unit.

Safety System: This harness features a built-in safety mechanism that automatically stops your dog from suddenly running into crowds, ensuring controlled and safe walks.

Automatic Retraction: The leash retracts smoothly into the harness when not in use, giving you the freedom to enjoy hands-free walks while your dog explores comfortably.

Safe Device System: The automatic locking system on the leash, inspired by car seat belt mechanics, features damping devices to absorb tension and reduce shock. This system ensures that when your dog bursts forward, the leash locks instantly, maintaining a safe distance of 30 cm.

Adjustable Breathable Harness: Our dog harness features 4 adjustable elastic belts for a customizable fit, ideal for growing dogs. Made of durable nylon, waterproof fabric, and breathable sandwich mesh, it protects your dog’s skin from damage. The harness includes 2 sturdy metal loops on the chest and back to prevent tearing, and the leash can be easily attached when needed.

Anti-Twist Design: Our leash maintains consistent tension and stays elevated above your dog’s back during walks. When released, it retracts smoothly and steadily, unlike conventional leashes. After tens of thousands of tests, our leash remains flexible and prevents twisting around your dog’s legs, ensuring a tangle-free experience.

Pulling Test: The leash extends to 4.26 feet. Laboratory tests show the maximum tensile force for M (16-33 lbs), L (33-55 lbs), and XL (55-77 lbs) sizes can reach 90 kg, strong enough to pull a 1-ton truck. Note: Sizing does not directly correspond to your pet's breed or weight.


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How do I track my order?

After placing your order, please allow 1-2 business days for it to be processed and shipped. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and a link to track your order.

Is Luxara ComfyWalk™ safe to use for my pet?

Yes, the harness is engineered for safety. It's made with strong, quality materials to endure day-to-day activities without wear and tear. Unlike collars, which can put pressure on your dog's neck, our harness spreads the pressure evenly across the chest, reducing strain and the risk of injury. The front leash attachment discourages pulling by redirecting your dog, which is safer than traditional pulling corrections. The harness also comes with a handle that provides you with immediate control, adding an extra layer of safety in potentially hazardous situations. For optimal safety, ensure the harness fits snugly and is adjusted correctly to your dog's size.

How do I know what size to get for my pet?

Measure your dog's neck, chest girth, and weight, then refer to our size chart to find the best fit. If your dog is between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size for comfort. Our team is also available to help you select the right size.

Can the harness be adjusted?

Yes, our dog harness features adjustable straps for a snug and secure fit. You can make adjustments around the neck and chest to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your dog.

Is the harness easy to put on and take off?

Absolutely! The harness is designed for ease of use, featuring quick-release buckles that make it easy to put on and take off your dog without causing any discomfort.

Is the harness comfortable for dogs to wear for extended periods?

Yes, our harness is made with breathable, lightweight materials and features padded sections to ensure your dog's comfort during extended wear, whether on walks, during travel, or while participating in outdoor activities.

Is the harness suitable for dogs with strong pulling tendencies?

Yes, our harness is perfect for dogs with strong pulling tendencies due to its thoughtful design. The harness distributes pressure evenly across the dog's chest and shoulders, reducing strain on the neck and minimizing the risk of choking, which can occur with traditional collars. The front leash attachment helps discourage pulling by redirecting your dog towards you.

Does the harness come with a leash?

Yes! The harness includes a built-in leash that is 51.18 inches long, providing ample length for comfortable walks or runs with your pet. Made from durable material, it matches the strength of the harness, ensuring it can handle your dog's pull. The leash also features a heavy-duty clip for easy attachment and a looped handle for a secure grip.